There are miscellaneous testing available for execution depending on the plausible root cause or critical issues. There are three types of test which Oreads Buildingcare can conduct for hardened concrete, namely; in-situ destructive test, in-situ non-destructive test and laboratory test. Our lab and our associate labs are open to the idea of assisting academicians in their research and contractors or builders mainly in material submission, concrete design by prescribing design mix, conducting trial mix and other scope of works. For such testing, we have our test equipment for compacting factor, vebe time, determination of air content, density, and et cetera for cubes, cylinders and beams. Besides concrete, we are able to conduct flow-through test for grout and shotcrete as well as determining aggregate properties test. We have local and international associates who can assist shall there be a need for additional test which is not mentioned here or not commonly available in the market.

Concrete cores

Chemical Laboratory Test

Petrographic Examination