About Forensic Structural Engineering

Forensic Structural Engineering is a field of work which requires highly experienced professional engineer to conduct investigation on engineering works which failed or underperformed based on scientific and empirical approach. Structural forensic engineer will be the expert who is tasked to identify the root cause of failure, determine the level of deficiencies or delaminations, assess damage magnitude as well as to specify the right remedial, repair, rehabilitation or rejuvenation to ensure the structure have the right capacity to remain robust, integrity remains intact, and prolonged life span.

The process of forensic investigation comes in various stages and is often done vigorously. Preliminary stage is when preparations for tests are determined based on visual evidences found during survey or reconnaissance, gaps and suspects through literature review, site QAQC audits and desktop studies. Subsequent to that, tests are conducted and results or findings shall be tabulated and interpreted. Depending on client's need(s), additional static and dynamic design analyses may be conducted prior to retrofitting design. Lastly, the final report is generated together with records and reports for client's perusal.


Oreads Buildingcare was formed in December 2019 by three professional engineers - Ir. Joe Chow Wai Ming, Gs. Ts. Ir. Jeffery Pirah and Ir. Muhd. Farid Zulkipli as a firm with advocates who passionately spearhead forensic structural engineering in Sabah since 2000.


Currently, Oreads Buildingcare is in the process of acquiring appropriate credentials and certifications from related bodies to ensure our practice is in compliance with the laws and conform to all standards of practice, codes and specifications; ethically and with high duty of care.

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