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It has been a collective vision by all three directors, Ir. Joe Chow Wai Ming, Gs. Ts. Ir. Jeffery Pirah and Ir. Muhd. Farid Zulkipli to provide a niche or specialized service in order to serve the construction, development and maintenance industry where structures can increase their sustainability and extending their serviceability period with proper approach - systematically and holistically. The other nexus and core to the formation of this firm is the envisaged potentials and contributions for the industry development through sharing of knowledge in academia, nurturing good engineering practices within the engineering industry, creating awareness on the importance of forensic structural engineering to the public, and passing down knowledge to the younger generation. Our concept; niche market, open-door approach.

Oreads Buildingcare is propelled forward by three professional engineers with a combination of almost 80 years worth of experience mainly in structural design which is closely related to forensic works as well as geotechnical field.

Ir. Joe Chow Wai Ming is veteran professional civil engineer who was the Chairman of Institute of Engineer Malaysia (IEM) for Sabah Chapter between 2005 to 2007. Further to that, he is also one of the committee members for High Risk Committee for Kota Kinabalu City Hall which oversee structural engineering risks for engineering submissions and also a committee member of the Association of Civil Engineer Malaysia (ACEM) for Sabah Chapter. Apart from structural design, Ir. Joe Chow Wai Ming is the principal of a soil laboratory in Sabah who is vital when it comes to geotechnical considerations which play a major part in structural forensic works. These valuable exposures and experiences garnered throughout the years made Ir. Joe Chow Wai Ming the Chairman and the greatest asset for this firm in upholding the professional way of conducting structural forensic and an important proponent for this industry.

Gs. Ts. Ir. Jeffery Pirah is a seasoned professional engineer who has hands on experience in supervising structural forensic and structural repair works for more than a decade for government projects and dealt with various private clients for onshore and marine facilities. Apart from supervision, Gs. Ts. Ir. Jeffery Pirah is also heavily involved with soil investigation, soil instrumentation interpretation as well as geotechnical design in addition to his forte in structural design works and as an associate to few engineering consulting firms. One of Gs. Ts. Ir. Jeffery Pirah's many fortes is in project management where he worked as project control engineer for oil and gas projects, and as project planner for mega infrastructure project as well as large housing development projects which provide exposures in construction management, risk management and statistical analyses. He was awarded a certificate in Advance Project Management by Project Planners and Management. He is a Geospatialist (Gs.) accredited by Institute of Geospatial and Remote Sensing Malaysia (IGRSM) and holds a master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a master's degree (MSc.) in Geology and Hydrology; specializing in pedology. Apart from being a Professional Member to Malaysia Institute of Engineers (M.IEM); he is also a Professional Member to Malaysia Institute of Material (M.IMM), a Professional Technologist under Malaysia Board of Technologist (MBOT), and a member of Malaysia Stormwater Organization (MSO).

Ir. Muhd. Farid Zulkifli has involved with structural repair and forensic works where his short stint in IKRAM and years of experience as maintenance engineer for University Malaysia Sabah Development & Maintenance Department. This made Ir. Muhd. Farid Zulkipli a experienced building maintenance and forensic engineer apart from being a principal of a consulting firm which involved largely with civil and structural engineering design works for mega infrastructure projects besides superstructures.

Capacity and Workforce

The firm is new and in fact is still at its infancy stage at the moment. Nevertheless, the workforce is sufficient to undertake tasks whenever required. The firm is assisted by a handful of masters degree and doctorate candidates who work in project basis. There are several local universities associate professors who are attached to the firm during their sabbatical leave. Apart from civil and structural design engineers, the firm is also assisted by a few associates who are senior quantity surveyors, a professional geologist, reputable builders, and mechanical, electrical and piping engineers.

Joint Venture and Partners

Oreads Buildingcare is working very closely with local and international affiliates and associates such as accredited laboratories, recognized universities, engineering firms and various parties including local authorities.

Undergraduates Industrial Training

The firm is keen in taking in undergraduates from local universities for industrial training as part of of social responsibility in disseminating knowledge from the academic realm with hands-on application at the field.

Academicians and Sabbatical leave or Industrial Attachment

Oreads Buildingcare has yet to openly or publicly accept academicians for industrial attachment or as a destination for sabbatical leave. Nevertheless, we are open for research ventures and other beneficial cooperation in academia.

Contact us

For more information and/or general correspondence, the followings are our office address, office phone number and our email address.

Address : C17-1, Cyber Perdana Commercial Centre, Jalan Lintas-Kepayan, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Phone : +6088 312 392

Email : general @.oreadscare.com

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