Oreads Buildingcare is a firm which involved heavily in structural appraisals, investigation, diagnosis, prognosis, repair and retrofitting design as well as specializing in rehabilitation, rejuvenation and remedial works for all kinds of structures - onshore and offshore, geotechnical installations and even hydraulic structures. Our main trade is to provide interpretation for laboratory and in-situ test results aside from carrying out specialized testing and statistical analyses.

We render our services to parties who need a second engineering opinion, preliminary data for value engineering and structural initial appraisal, integrity check, detailed test plan, routine and periodical maintenance plan, laboratory test results interpretation as well as professional reports for property valuation and insurance claim purposes. Our duties and level of care include furnishing testimony in judicial proceedings.

Apart from structure and/or concrete-related services, we also provide other geological services for utility detection, geophysics and seismic design and derivation as well.  With our close connections with other affiliated laboratories and engineering consultants, we are a one-stop centre for most engineering solutions. Oreads Buildingcare is also one of the proponents for GIS works involving hazard susceptibility and vulnerability for slopes engineering works and studies as well as tactical planning and contractual issues. We also provide LiDAR services aside from geospatial and geostatistics analyses.

Desktop Studies and Design Check

Appraisal and Diagnostic Works

Prognosis and Retrofitting

QAQC audit, literature studies, building survey and mapping, and preparing  test plan

Statistical analyses, seeking for conclusive evidence and relationships, and preparing comprehensive report on findings

Rehabilitation and repair to ensure structural integrity fits its intended purpose

Seismic Design and Appraisal

Geological Works

GIS and Geospatial Works

Seismic Vulnerability Studies, Seismic Design and Earthquake-related Documentation/Interpretation

Geological Literature, Mapping and Reports

GIS, Geospatial Analyses, LiDAR, et cetera.